About Us


Engineering and Testing Laboratories Inc. (hereafter SEETL) started in 1972 with the acquisition of state of the art  testing and inspection equipment. SEETL was incorporated in 1973. At the time of incorporation south and central Florida had few materials and construction testing laboratories. From the early 70's SEETL focused on testing and inspections.


The early 60's and 70's saw an abundance of buildable inexpensive sites in the Florida construction market. As the easy to develop "buildable" sites were bought up and developed, land values began to climb. Sites that required higher developmental costs began to be cost effective to develop but required "demucking" or filling. During this period "pressure Grouting" was considered a process that could stabilize the undesirable lots. Houses that were built on problem sites that settled were under pinned using the grouting method. Over time this process was shown to be less than desirable. 


What put us on our current path?  The early 90's saw a problem with a single home built by one of the national home builders. The nature of the problem did not allow for grouting or the early form of pin piling. The person in charge of "land development" asked SEETL to come up with a solution. The engineering staff of SEETL came up with our proprietary "Y Bear Pier" system--problem solved. The "Morgan Method" of soil consolidation in areas where vibratory compaction would cause damage to adjacent homes was developed in Lighthouse Point. The word began to get around, and requests for our services grew.  SEETL developed our current proprietary system. Over time SEETL moved to foundation repairs and began to drop our other services.


Today SEETL is focused on foundation repairs exclusively. Our vast experience doing sub-soils investigations over many years service gives us some insight as to areas that traditionally have soil issues in the southeastern and central Florida areas. Chances are we have already seen the problem you may be experiencing. 


Put our 41+ years of experience to work for you,